Matrimonio Capri

Giappone luna di miele Capri

Capri you can not see her if you have not dreamed her before. Only in this way can it still appear to you as the mythical place where nature meets beauty.
(Raffaele La Capria)
They are Takayuki and Chihiro From Japan with love, I will always keep their sweetness in their hearts! Their wedding, honeymoon, Capri’s faraglioni, Hotel Punta Tragara, granite, our smiles are all contained in these photos.
Photographing a Japanese couple is a unique experience, their sweet lines, their simplicity is pure magic for photographs.
Being a wedding photographer, being a honeymoon photographer in Italy is a gift! an Italian photographer is lucky because in every picture there is the art given by the magnificent places.

Special Thanks Hotel Punta Tragara


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