Mike and Samantha Wedding Capri

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I’m a wedding photographer in Capri, this is my photographic reportage

The wedding destination is now a possible dream, getting married in Capri, getting married on the Amalfi coast, getting married in Ravello, getting married in Sorrento, getting married in Positano or getting married in Ibiza is now possible, all you need is that you really want it! Whether you are a Manchester bride or a Russian bride, a Japanese bride, a bride from Spain or a bride from France. Mike and Sam got married in Capri with a Jewish rite and celebrated at the wedding facility La Canzone Del Mare, stayed in the Hotel Quisisana for the wedding. The first thing to do to organize a wedding on Capri is to contact a wedding planner in Capri, we can help you recommend the best wedding planner for weddings in Italy and in Capri, Ravello, Positano etc. after which you will be able to organize a unique wedding for you and your guests.

I’m a wedding photographer in capri and this is my reportage

Life chooses music, we choose how to dance it.
(John Galsworthy)
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